Sacred Earth Trust India was set up in Early 2008. It is a platform set up to support and to encourage the sustainable development of Bodh Gaya, through working in co-operation with local and international groups.

To find practical solutions on environmental issues, working within the diverse community and connecting with the wider network.

Together, working towards the transformation of consciousness to enable the maximum potential and growth for human development. Using the environmental awareness and our relation to the planet as a tool for reflection.

Aims and objectives:

  • Working together with local and international organisations to tackle environmental issues
  • Identifying and developing sustainable solutions
  • Implementing practical solutions through engaging local community participation
  • Empowerment through knowledge and transference of skills
  • A platform for dialogue and support from the wider context.
  • Demonstrating initiatives, co-operation and successful ways of working together 
  • Exhibit richness of humanity and culture, through social, economic and environmental change. 
  • Working together with government bodies and local management committees.
  • To develop a practical, ecological and sustainable methodology that can be replicated in other states/ districts


  • Local Community
  • Dalit Community
  • Businesses
  • Tourism 
  • International community

Areas of employment to be created:

  • Waste collection and recycling system
  • Environmental Education
  • Produce
  • Eco Tourism

Maintenance for green areas including trees and organic plantations.