Collaboration with Kagyu Monlam Animal Camp Vets and School Education.

Plastic Recycling & Plastic Block Making

  • India's First 2 Plastic Compression Machines built in Bodhgaya.
  • Plastic Recycling operation started in Bodhgaya, making plastic compressed blocks.
  • 300+ Blocks made using 750kg of Plastic Waste - Phase 1 test.

10 Schools given Environmental Education workshops

  • Development of Eco Clubs in schools.
  • Zero Waste workshops.

Healthy Food Program

  • 558 Trees planted.
  • 2000 Organic Seedlings provided to raise Health & Nutrition awareness.

Outreach Projects

  • Design & Landscape permaculture project, Himalayan Terraced Garden in Nepal.

Indian & International Organisation partnerships forged.



Fundraising & developing the new
Bodhgaya Plastic Recycling & Eco Training Centre.

Letters of Support from

New Projects for local and outreach areas.

  • Public Talks about work with SET….fireflies conference Bangalore
  • Permaculture Design for land at remote Ashram, Himachal Pradesh.

Leadership Training

  • 10 International and 6 Locals Trained with full internationally recognised certification on the 7 Stages of Sustainability and Permaculture Design Course in Bodhgaya.
  • Training for teachers from 12 schools around Bodhgaya on a Creative Learning & Peace Workshop.
  • Zero Waste site management for Kagyu Monlam
    Set up and training, waste water systems development, solution development: enzyme and compost making.



Saraswati Village Project

  • 45,000 Cloth Bags supplied to the Mahabodhi Temple for Buddha robes by the women's sewing enterprise.
  • 80 Local Village Women given Health & Hygiene workshops.

Plastic Pollution Reduction Campaign
and Enviro Education for locals and international visitors during largest Buddhist gatherings, Kagyu Monlam and Nyingma monlam reaching 40,000 visitors to Bodhgaya

1896 Fruit Trees planted in 16 Schools and surrounding villages in Bodhgaya 

Collaboration on the development and implementation of the Waste Water System in Bodhgaya - including grey, black water and constructed wetlands with 6 local water plant species.

Training Leaders

  • 11 International and 8 Local participants trained with full certification and scholarships provided on the Permaculture Design Course.

Environmental Education & Creative Learning

  • 70 BEd Students trained on environmental education at the Magadh University.
  • 42 Teachers from 16 Schools underwent Teacher Training for practical eco solutions.

Outreach Projects

  • 40 Local Students and youths engaged in environmental clean-up in Tashiding, Sikkim.
  • 20 Monks trained on practical compost and waste management in Shechen & Terger monasteries, Nepal.
  • Environmental Education Training for students at Ganyap school, Sikkim.
  • Tree planting & design of the Permaculture Education CentreArk Eden, Hong Kong.  
  • Plastic research & data collation in pearl river delta with scientists from Hong Kong.
  • Research and maintaining waste water systems- collating data



300+ volunteers over 4 days on the streets of Bodh Gaya and Naranjana river area, Village area, Kalachakra Ground.

Clean up activities engaging local , international and monastics of H H Karmapas environmental committee; Khoryug and government support.

16 schools and 36 teachers trained for the Green Schools Teacher Training Program.

Public awareness in collaboration with Nyingma Monlam on Environmental awareness and reducing plastic pollution with Environmental solutions

36,000 INR fund for tree planting from Mingyur Dorje Rinpoche

250+ Students given workshops - Sikkim March.
Engaging communities around Sacred Sites in Tashiding, and Gangyap school .

Plastic Ban in Bodhgaya - April 2011.
Agreed and passed by the Nagar Panchyat committee..

108 Trees Planted in Kalachakra grounds.
Working with Green Bodh Gaya and Bodh Gaya Temple Management Committee.

40+ Women's Groups + 3 schools in villages and communities in Mexico - July.
Video making, making enzyme and water solutions; slow sand filter.

Delivering environmental awareness through Art Science and technology School projects, Cine En La Campo, Baja California Sur, UNESCO links and Zero waste workshops:


  • 70+ Village Women sewing 80,000 cloth bags
  • Zero waste workshops for women, youths and monastics
  • Environmental information table and Youth training



2010 Saraswati Village Project:
  • Health, Hygiene and Nutrition
  • Reducing plastic pollution
  • Reducing domestic carbon emissions

79 Women & 2 villages- sewing project; training opportunities, sustainable income and a product

Training Sessions
Workshops and training sessions for youths and women on:

  • Solar power
  • Sustainability
  • Health, hygiene and nutrition
  • Zero waste
  • Water issues

International Cooperation:

300+ volunteers participated in the winter clean up activities in Bodhgaya at the Kalachakra ground and surrounding area, main market areas, riverside, and main road areas.

Reducing plastic pollution in Bodhgaya.....

52,500 cloth bags made and this many plastic bags reduced from being dumped and polluting the land.

40,000R Start of the Tree planting fund donated to Tergar Monastery and 500 trees planted at the Gaya airport.



120 trees planted involving 2 schools and a monastery

7000+ signatures collected in support for banning plastic in Bodhgaya

11 days Clean up of landfill, involving all of the tractors of Bodhgaya, local government cooperation, providing local employment, 100 of HH Karmapa's monks, and international volunteers. The clean up operation was supported by Administrative Office of HH Gyalwang Karmapa.

The formation of Sacred Earth Trust [SET].