122These initiatives will be to encourage sustainable eco tourism in remote areas and develop and encourage education that sustains the future of that place for many generations to come. Encouraging social action and developing team building and confidence in the students solution finding and team building efforts to protect their heritage and sacred sites around remote Sikkim area.

On my return to a favourite place of mine i was on my way to my morning stroll when i was surprised to be greeted with over 50 students form the Gangyap school ready to start their clean up plan for the day. It was like a magical manifestation since a week ago i was thinking on my way around the site " oh i really need some help to clean this place", and on my arrival back from Nepal there they were..Amazing!! We all got stuck in and cleaned plastic after plastic packaging and polystyrene cups, plastic utensils, burnt Tetrapaks for juice and drink cartons left remnants of the thin layers making up its 6 layered construction of cardboard, plastic, aluminium. It cannot be burnt and removed from the scene and ground so easily.


The older students started digging two large pits to help set up a system for the local management to deal with the waste more effectively. `Once all sacks were full and site looked clean, the segregation started at the pits to make two - organic and compostable as pit 1, and non biodegradable in pit 2. Pit 2 was full to the brim!

A couple of days later I went to the school to facilitate  workshop 2….

During the workshop we discussed the topics of biodiversity and social responsibility, disaster prevention and relief and activities they have already participated in and initiated in the time between and  since the last workshop in 2011. They reported that they had worked on the local community clean ups and also whilst on a holiday in the Dzongri lake started to clean up when they saw how dirty it was from the tourism happening there. These students are the most proactive ones i have come across using their own initiative and drive, it also show how the teachers are really encouraging them to be at their best.

Later in the afternoon, the students split off into teams for collecting waste around their immediate area and segregation was demonstrated afterwards to show what we found is being used and thrown in the natural environment.

The day ended with all gathered to be shown how to make a raw carrot cake using locally produced and sourced ingredients. The volunteered students participated in the whole making process and the cake was left with Miss Tini to share it out once it had been refrigerated and set to a good consistency.


Always a pleasure to go to this school and be part of that good energy and community spirit that is abundant there. Cant wait to see and hear what they come up with in between now and our next meeting!!