Plantations for indigenous species, medicinal, flowers, fruits and to sustain other types of local biodiversity.



Tree Planting initiatives. Working with and engaging local landowners on tree nurseries programs. They will be participating by becoming 'guardians' of the saplings, until they are at a stage where they can be planted out into the public spaces within the town.


                      School children planting tree saplings                             


           Monks becoming 'guardians' of the saplings                           Team work to plant 300 trees.

Developing and setting up partnerships with local and international organisations to develop these projects on an annual basis, to reforest the Bodhgaya area.

This area will be one of the key objectives of the S.E.T.  Green programs in School, monasteries and hotels, and the components towards our sustainable development strategy.

Using Aquaculture methods as a natural and low tech solution for cleaning polluted water areas.

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