Zero Waste


S.E.T is working with local groups to develop a sustainable waste disposable system.

Developing a recycling collection for plastic packaging and working with local village groups for food waste collection from door to door- working in co-operation with local systems already in place.

The topics of waste issues and practical solutions are part of the basic environmental education available to the local communities. One of the aims of the clean up operations is to improve conditions for health and hygiene of the town, and to make it more welcoming for international visitors to stay.

Whilst these issues will be dealt with through practical action, other areas will be introduced such as creating opportunities for sustainable incomes and education for women, Dalit communities and securing their children's future.

A member of Dalit community on recycling collection             One of the dumping grounds for towns waste



Areas requiring co-operation for clean up

S.E.T is researching waste transform energy systems and technologies for dealing with the organic and plastic waste.

Encouraging the reduction and eventually to ban the use of plastic bags and polystyrene in Bodhgaya, through working in cooperation with governing bodies and local communities.

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