Sacred Earth Trust 2010 Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers from India and abroad are needed to help plan and implement projects in the following areas:

Youth Environmental Leadership

- Youth Leadership Training Course

- Service Learning Projects

- Youth-led Consciousness Raising Campaign

- English Instruction

- Environmental Research and Report Writing


Women’s Empowerment

- Family Health, Hygiene, and Nutrition Courses

- Women and Climate Change Course

- Community Organizer Training


Sustainable Livelihoods

- Eco-technologies and Renewable Energy Development

- Permaculture Training for local farmers

- Development of Cottage Industries Based on Sustainable Practices and Local Resources

- Community Gardens and Nurseries with Indigenous Plants

- Climate Change Preparedness, including water conservation and land use management

- Sustainability Training and Implementation Program for Schools, Hotels, and Monasteries


Waste Management

- Solid Waste Management, including garbage collection system

- Development of a Recycling Center and Landfill


If you are interested in volunteering on any of the environmental projects in Bodhgaya,

Please contact us stating your area of interest and a quick introduction about yourself, and experience:

email: volunteer@sacredearthtrust.org

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