Tree Planting

Akshay Charitable School - August 28, 2012

41 children

4 trees (purchased by them):  2 mangos  and 2 guava.


Above: Rinku and Maria Jose during ‘YOU ARE NATURE’ activity, children aknowledge this with joy, surprise and astonishment since some don´t see themselves in mirrors so often.

Below: During Yoga Tree asana children laughed a lot and where more attentive to the information given on Biodiversity and central role of trees.




Tango and Bango


Laba and Bhabha


Niranjana School - August 27, 2012

40 children

3 trees: Papaya x 3

Above: Rinku doing ‘YOU ARE NATURE’ activity with Niranjana School children.

Below: Plantation of trees: 25_Rinku Papita, 26_Mariajose Papita, and 27_Ravinder Papaya




Jean Amitabah - August 31, 2012

90 children

22 Trees: Coconut x3, Nimbu x2,  Nut (Supari) x 2, Sagwan x 2, Kathal x 2, Mango x3, Asoka x5 and Neem x3.

8 Plants: Tulsi x5 and Tej leaf x3


Above: Plants on their way to their new home at Jean Amitabah School.

Below: Teachers and children breathing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide doing Tree asana. Next is the drawing of the ‘Tree of Choice’, children had to place different human activities on either side.




Above: Children with all trees.  Next 46_JeanAmitabh Tulsi, 47_Star tulsi, 48_Jeame Tulsi, 49_Rishu Tulsi adn 50_Mummy Tulsi


51_Mai Hun Tez, 52_Sparsh Tej leaves and 53_Lalrany Tejleaf)


54_Munni Coconut, 55_Deepak Coconut and 56_Ram Jee Coconut


57_Raina Neebu and 58_Dream Lemon


59_Vikash nut and 60_Ravi nut


61_Sarwan arpita, 62_Rani Sagwan


63_Raja Kathal, and 64_NewtonJackfruit


65_Kohli Mango,66_Shiva tree mango and 67_Lucky mango, 68_Great Ashoka,69_Ringing Ashoka,70_Dabbang Ashoka,71_King Ashoka, 72_Pratu Ashoka 73_Medicine Neem, 74_Aatu Neem and 75_Sahid Neem


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