Tree Planting

Maitreya Universal Education School Tree Planting 2014

Fruit trees planted by students on school grounds.

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1989 Fruit Trees Planted In Bodhgaya

During the past 12 days I was in Bodhgaya planting 90 fruit and medicine trees and sharing the little knowledge I have (being trained as biologist) about trees and their role in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. I visited 6 schools in Bodhgaya area, and a group of women from Pachatti village. I was so glad to see how much children, teachers and women value trees and recognize how important they are for keeping a clean air, water, and providing us with our needs. 



Read more: 1989 Fruit Trees Planted In Bodhgaya

Kirwin International School - August 24, 2012

50 children

24 trees: Guava x3, Lemon x3, papaya x5, Neem x2, Mango x2, Coconut x 2, Nut (Supari) x 1, Asoka x5 and Sagwan x1


-Above: Maria and Rinku starting the first Biodiversity workshop. Children from Kirwin International School listen attentively.  They breathe deeply while relaxing doing the Tree yoga asana.


1_Aziz Neem and 2_Soba Neem


3_Subodh Papaya, 4_Papita Vinod, 5_Papita Mithlesh, 6_Papita Munni, 7_Komal Papita


8_Indu Nimbu, 9_Sushila Lemon, and 10_Rajvanti Lemon



11_Laxmi Guava, 12_Ankita Guava, and 13_Priyanka Guava


14_Mitles Mango, 15_Anod Mango, and 16_Sibodh Sagwan



17_Rahul Asoka, 18_Sabiti Asoka, 19_Suman Asoka, 20_Babita Asoka, and 21_ Nilu Asoka


22_Rakesh Coconut, 23_ Salesh Coconut, and 24_Manija Supari


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