Prajna vihar school - August 30, 2012

93 childen

18 trees: coconut x1, guava x3, lemon x5, asoka x5, nut x2, and Mango x2                            


Above:Prajna Vihar School children receiving the plants and ready for the workshop.



28_Metta Nut and 29_Heart Nut tree



30_Lemon Grass, 31_Star Nimbu, 32_Spicy Nimbu, 33_Sprite and 34_Limka


35_Evergreen King, 36_Amazing Tree Asok, 37_Gulsar Asok,38_ Asoka King and 39_Asok Samrat


40_Jack the Coconut


41_Mangolika and 42_Mango Maja



43_Galaxy Guava, 44_Maria Anrud, and 45_Galaxy S Tree Guava.

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