1989 Fruit Trees Planted In Bodhgaya

During the past 12 days I was in Bodhgaya planting 90 fruit and medicine trees and sharing the little knowledge I have (being trained as biologist) about trees and their role in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. I visited 6 schools in Bodhgaya area, and a group of women from Pachatti village. I was so glad to see how much children, teachers and women value trees and recognize how important they are for keeping a clean air, water, and providing us with our needs. 



Words like sustainability and global warming were new for almost everyone. Actually, one child asked why he felt cold if the world was heating up! But when it came to tree planting and how to take care of the trees, people were teaching me.  During the workshops I asked the children if they wanted to see a picture of Nature and how beautiful and powerful it is they always yelled YES! One by one they looked at themselves in a mirror a passed. The activity is called YOU ARE NATURE. My experience with Bodhgaya people was about meaningful learning, now is the time for putting past experience and new information together and acting in accordance with todays’ challenges.

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