Saraswati Project

Women’s health, hygiene and nutrition

Main objectives:

  • Reduce carbon emissions in the domestic environment
  • Health hygiene and sanitation
  • Nutrition and food security


Smokeless Chula

Smokeless chulas; reducing carbon emissions in the households

To reduce the carbon emissions in the domestic environment. The commonly used Chula (cooker) for cooking is heated by burning dried cow dung patties. This creates a smokey atmosphere and is often detrimental for the lungs of the women in the households after prolonged and long-term exposure. This issue can be mitigated by installing chimney pipes at a low cost and be an effective solution. Initially we aim to adapt the chulas in 500 households in the surrounding village, as initial steps towards retrofitting and adapting the infrastructure and daily habits to design a sustainable community and make an eco-village development a possibility. 



Womens sanitation

August 2018

Developed for women to make improvements for there security, health and hygiene.
Toilets have been built using waste plastics compressed into building blocks.




Over 950 blocks were used reducing 2375kgs of plastic pollution from surrounding lands of Bodhgaya. the toilet is used by over 300 women from surrounding households.


Women's co-operative

A women's co-operative has been formed consisting of women from various groups from the surrounding villages of Bodh Gaya.

Using the skills they already have and being part of the solution for delivering environmental awareness through practical action. Basic nutrition, health, hygiene, permaculture, technologies, seed sovereignty, and other areas of specialist training will be part of the program.




Current projects consist of making cloth bags, from recycled materials, including paper. We are working with women from all age groups including young women from age 18 years. Part of the co-operative's activities are to deliver programs on environmental awareness, identifying issues and providing training on local solutions.

The women can be empowered with skills and knowledge to make a substantial difference in their community whilst building a social enterprise for developing cottage handicrafts made from resources such as waste materials- like plastic bags and paper.



The Women of Bodhgaya are encouraged to play a valid role in being proactive in providing some of the solutions towards the reduction of plastic waste pollution. They are being empowered to take responsibility for improving the environmental situation in their geographical location.



These projects will grow together with the development of the ideas of the participating women. It will be an organic process in regards to how we will work alongside these women and to develop the sustainable livelihoods of these communities whilst securing incomes for their children's future.


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