Transforming plastic pollution of Bodhgaya into building blocks


SET has been steadily and progressively working on the plastic up-cycling project using Ubuntu-blox technology.

Plastic waste is being recycled and used as a resource to make building blocks for constructing an eco learning centre and toilets, contributing towards the sanitation solutions for slums around Bodhgaya.

This is work under development ....

The compression machines are made locally and are designed to compress plastic waste into building blocks by the local working team. One plastic block weighs 2.2- 2.5 kg, removing it from the dump sites and transforming the plastic pollution to become a resource for construction.


The technology is also undergoing earthquake, fire, wind, rain resistant testing to get it up to Indian health and safety standards. A team of engineers, architects, designers, scientists are working on this aspect.


The eco learning centre will be a composite build of plastic blocks, earth-bags, plastic and glass bottles demonstrating zero waste, up-cycling and recycling in construction. A team of architects and designers are working on this design.

 Below is a demonstration of the plastic blocks made into toilet size building.




For more information about this project:
Transforming Plastic Pollution Into an Eco-Training Center in Bodhgaya


Thanks to the partnership and support of United Nations Development Program UNDP, Global Environment Facility GEFSGPCEEMOEFC.







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