Sanitation Projects

Saraswati Womens Toilets


  • Saraswati Village Project: Women’s health, hygiene and nutrition
  • Constructing toilets and sanitation programs.

First prototype of built in 2017 of 10 toilets for women in surrounding poor village area. These are the first prototypes using compressed waste plastic (9 x 9 x 18 inch sized) blocks. Total use of 950 blocks sequestrated 2375kgs of plastic waste from surrounding lands.



Transforming plastic pollution of Bodhgaya into building blocks


SET has been steadily and progressively working on the plastic up-cycling project using Ubuntu-blox technology.

Plastic waste is being recycled and used as a resource to make building blocks for constructing an eco learning centre and toilets, contributing towards the sanitation solutions for slums around Bodhgaya.

Read more: Transforming plastic pollution of Bodhgaya into building blocks

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