Green Programs

These green programs in BodhGaya are designed to engage:

Environmental Activities

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Monasteries

5 Main topics are:

  1. Waste
  2. Water
  3. Bio- diversity
  4. Energy
  5. Transport


  • Education on environmental awareness
  • Local and global issues
  • Cross curriculum education: science, arts and technology
  • Practical action within community
  • Creating awareness within the community

Hotels: (in development)

  • Working on the 5 topics and point system for standards of eco- friendliness
  • Working with SET environmental policy
  • Eco- tourism

Monasteries: (in development)

  • Working through 5 topics
  • Development and cooperation for setting up a waste management system in BG
  • Environmental training and practical implementation

Green School Program

4th & 25th February 2011

Teacher Training: Environmental Education, Social Engagement and Practical Action

Teacher training Environmental Workshops


Over the two day program 26 teachers from 14 schools in and around BodhGaya participated and have begun to form the Green Schools network.

Read more: Green School Program

Saraswati Project

Saraswati project is an initiative focused in villages around Bodhgaya since 2009.

Working on solutions for health hygiene, pollution control and reducing carbon emissions in the domestic life within village communities.

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  • Environmental Education
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  • Social Enterprise

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