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Youth action initiatives help raise awareness and encourage action

It is the youth of today who will one day become the leaders and decision makers of tomorrow. Lets empower them with the knowledge and understanding to make the right choices and live in harmony with the planet and to be resilient in facing the impact of climate change.


The youth environmental action teams are being formed in each surrounding village of BodhGaya. They are of the ages between 16-23yrs and consist of a mixed group of students, unemployed and working.

              Some of the team on the Naranjana river bed, analysing the polluted water source

The groups are working on research into specific topics on waste, waster, energy, bio- diversity and transport. There is opportunity for the youth groups to go on placements with other partnering organisation of SET. These NGO's are located around India. Each one is working on a specific area, such as solar, waste management, water, social work, women groups, youth empowerment, green building design are amongst some of the specialist areas. Some of these are located in Kolkata, Ladahk,  Varanasi, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Hydrabad. 


             Collecting data from the dumping sites


Their agreement is to be volunteers for SET, in return we provide them opportunities for training and for placement.

Giving the youths an opportunity to experience other areas of India, training and practical knowledge of the work that is being carried out there. After the youths have spent time and gained experience with attending several placements they will be asked to share their findings and to give training to the younger members of their own community.

We can assist them with different methods of support, from how to develop their knowledge on specific areas of environmental awareness, skills, cross curriculum education specifically for vocational training. Gaining employment and further education if one shows enough interest and ability to continue with studies in higher education. 

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