Leadership Training Program for Local Children

One of the main objectives is to provide opportunities to individuals from the local communities, beyond what they would receive in the standard local schooling system mostly on topics such as zero waste, regeneration of land, water filtration and waste water management, irrigation, nutrition, food security, renewable energy and expansion of skills that will enhance their capacity to assist the development of their own lives, family and direct communities. Initially, aiming at providing 28 children (half would be girls, to provide equal opportunities where they are needed most), from surrounding slum areas to participate in a leadership training program.




In these times it is crucial to have practical skills for dealing with the effects and impacts of rapid climate change.  These communities are living in below basic conditions. Therefore, it is important for the younger generation to gain knowledge and support to further develop their practical skills. We aim to encourage them to work respectfully and communing with the natural resources. 

The eco-learning centre not only provides a safe hub for local children, women's activities but also an on-site and web portal opportunities for learning new skills from experts, specialist of all relevant topics from anywhere around the world accessible. Thus, reducing the burden of travel expenses, avoid compromising the income brought in to support the families but in fact enhance opportunities for economic growth through learning new skills, and provide effective support for their sustainable development.


Other areas to continue to facilitate and develop:

  • Saraswati Village Project: Women’s health, hygiene and nutrition
  • Teacher training: Environmental education, creative learning and practical solutions
  • Permaculture for local and international participants
  • Children’s Camp; Eco education (Annually)




Children’s camp working in partnership with local schools, national India organization and international groups; introducing an exchange between international and local in Bodhgaya.


Children’s Camp winter 2018




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