Environmental Education and Practical solutions; Teacher training in BG 2012

Teacher training for schools in Bodhgaya       9th - 10th April 2012

"Environmental Education and Practical Solutions.." was the theme for this years teacher training. 31 teachers attended from schools surrounding Bodhgaya area.


Many topics were covered and discussed during the two days workshops.

Initially, the question was asked to the teachers what they considered was most important issues to deal with? We covered many topics but most important seemed to repeatedly keep coming up was on the waste pollution and plastic issues.


During the discussions there were much heated debate between individuals and much frustrations were aired, we all agreed the path s a difficult one and that being teachers was a huge responsibility and we had o do our best to give inspiration and guidance best we can to the students. This helped to actually move things forward and shift the unconscious blocks that society can dictate to us of what is possible.

We introduced a number of solutions for compost, enzyme making,  garbage enzymes, mulch pits, floating gardens for water clean up, slow sand filters, solar cookers. It was a fun packed time and during each day a hearty local style thali lunch was provided for all participants to refuel.


We found much enthusiasm and creative solution based directions to show examples of how to engage students in learning, especially solutions that can really be useful and be integrated into their everyday lives. These are slow steps but small steps forward to harnessing change to be grounded in the practical realm. Providing confidence in being able to find solutions that are accessible in being able to be locally sourced and low cost effective.


Some presentations made by some of the participating schools to show how they had been working since the last teacher training in 2011. There is obvious participation beyond the courses and classrooms and changes within the teachers who have participated in these workshops. Also their level of care for their community, enthusiasm and confidence has clearly made a difference to the way they teach now.


At the end of the two days there were agreements made by the schools in how they were going to pledge to make a difference in the ways they thought would be most beneficial for the environment in their schools. Also most signed up to be part of the  tree planting project due to start during summer months in July/ August 2012.


The teachers are making a positive difference to the way they are supporting the students to support the environment ….and their own futures!! This is a plus, plus and plus for Bodhgaya's future !!



(photos from the teachers from Akshay school - continued workshops in school with their children on creative ways to use plastic waste after the 2 day teacher training on practical solutions) 

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