Bodhgaya Recycling & Eco Training Center

This ground breaking project will not only have a powerfully transforming impact on Bodhgaya, but will also become a demonstration model to inspire and educate communities in other parts of India and all over the world.

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Bodh Gaya, India - UNESCO world heritage site and sacred Buddhist pilgrimage city - the place of the Buddha’s Enlightenment, is visited by thousands of Buddhists, Hindus, and tourists who come on pilgrimage from all over the world, making Bodh Gaya a uniquely international and culturally diverse part of India.

Also home to a local village population of around 40,000 Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians, this treasured world heritage site is plagued by enormous amounts of plastic pollution, among other challenges that threaten the overall health and sustainability of the local ecology, economy, and community.

Sacred Earth Trust has launched an exciting project to transform the city of Bodh Gaya's plastic pollution problem into a sustainable building solution. Through implementing low-cost, leading-edge recycling and building technologies, this project will create a Recycling and Eco-Training Center out of compressed plastic blocks and become a catalyst in the region for transforming problematic waste into vital resources and job opportunities.

We can only make this happen with your support! Help and make a donation

The Problem

The large number of tourists that come through Bodh Gaya each year and the lack of any recycling system results in endemic plastic pollution that plagues local economy, health, and environment of Bodh Gaya, villagers and tourists alike. Local children of the Dalit (lower caste) villages work through the night and lack educational opportunities or options for sustainable livelihoods. The health of the local ecology is also suffering greatly, and only continues to deteriorate.



The Solution

We have discovered a brilliant, low-cost way to turn this problem into a leading-edge solution by utilizing the plastic waste and compressing it into blocks that can be used as a medium for sustainable building construction!

Plastic waste is collected, cleaned, recycled, and then compressed into blocks to be used as building blocks. This proven appropriate technology solution pioneered in Haiti transforms this waste into a valuable resource. 

Past Research Proves:

  • The method of construction with the plastic blocks is earthquake resistance to scale of 8.3
  • Can withstand winds of up to 70mph
  • Has high insulation properties



Recycling and Eco-Training Center 

Utilizing this leading-edge, low cost building method, this project will lay the foundations to design and build a Recycling and Eco-Training Center in the heart of Bodh Gaya to serve as a Recycling Center, as well as a vocational and sustainability educational hub. It will become a catalyzing focal point for resolving the detrimental plastic pollution problem locally in Bodh Gaya, and serve as demonstration model for local, regional, and international communities.

The Recycling and Eco-Training Center will become a hub that collects and recycles plastic from the city and turns it into blocks that will be distributed and used for building and sanitation projects. The plastic building blocks can be used for construction of public toilets, roads, walls, benches, and other community needs. This reduces the need for other higher cost and less sustainable building materials such as bricks, cement, and lumber, while creating more sustainable livelihoods for local villagers.



Vocational Training

The Recycling and Eco-Training Center will also offer vocational trainings, job opportunities, and community service programs. Educational programs will include training locals on the recycled plastic block construction technologies; sustainability and permaculture design trainings; water, waste, energy, and other appropriate technologies; Seven Stages to Sustainability Community Development, and other vocational trainings such as sowing, arts, crafts, and more. The Center will also host community programs like the Village Woman's Program, the Recycling Program, the Tree Planting Program, and more. These programs will be offered for local people including local men, women, children, and youths, and for international visitors alike. The Center will also sell locally produced goods created by the local artisans and villagers.

Impact & Outcomes


  • Building a Recycling Center to address the on-going plastic issues
  • Cleaning the plastic pollution in Bod Ghaya and beautifying the city
  • Developing cutting-edge sustainable building technologies
  • Providing educational and vocational trainings
  • Creating and supporting local sustainable livelihoods
  • Engaging local, national and international partners

As the project grows, we will be inviting community stakeholders and NGO's from all around the Himalayan region, India, other countries to learn these leading-edge recycling and building technologies, as well as other sustainability techniques and practices, which they can take back to implement in their respective regions.


Phase 1 - Materials Construction & Design: $25k

In order to get this project off the ground, we need $25k of seed money. These funds will allow us to complete the foundational steps of gathering the raw plastic materials, purchasing the compression machine, constructing the plastic blocks, and completing the design to be ready for the building construction. Throughout this process we will enroll and coordinate local villagers in a large scale gathering of plastic pollution from all over Bodh Gaya. A team of local community villagers will also be trained in the process of constructing the plastic blocks for the construction of the Recycling & Eco-Training Center Building.



Phase 2 - Construction of the Building: $50k

Any additional funds we receive beyond the minimum $25k will go towards the construction of the Eco-Center Building. In Phase 2 of the project, trained local villagers proficient in the plastic block building method will utilize the plastic blocks to build the Recycling and Eco-Training Center building. This building will house the Sacred Earth Trust office, a Solar powered I.T. Centre, and a Training Room.



Phase 3 - Solar Powered IT Center, Greenhouse, Greenhouse, & Compost Toilets: $75k

Any funds we receive beyond $50k will go towards Phase 3 of the project, which is transforming the Eco-Center into a model sustainability demonstration site including:

  • Solar Powered Energy
  • Furnished IT Center 
  • Year Round Community Garden
  • Compost toilets
  • Medicinal Plant & Tea Production Green House
  • Rooftop Food Garden



We can only make this happen with your support! Help and make a donation



Thanks to the partnership and support of United Nations Development Program UNDP, Global Environment Facility GEFSGPCEEMOEFC.




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