• Bodhgaya Recycling and Eco Training Center

    Sacred Earth Trust initiative to develop an eco learning and performing arts centre situated in a central location of Bodhgaya, providing access to local and international visitors.

    This ground breaking project will not only have a powerfully transforming impact on Bodhgaya, but will also become a demonstration model to inspire and educate communities in other parts of India and all over the world.   Support Us

  • Education

    Providing education and awareness of our environmental is a vital part of our work. It is a key factor that will determine the future and success of our life and the lives of many other species on this planet. Raising the consciousness of humanity globally has become a prerequisite if we want to continue living with nature on this planet.

    We provide environmental education programmes and training for schools, community groups and the public. We provide teacher training and run accredited permaculture courses Support Us 

  • Green Programs

    We develop and run green programs for schools, hotels and monasteries in the town.

    We work in partnerships with local government bodies to set up sustainable waste management systems.

    We develop water management systems in preparation and response to the climate change. To secure and maintain basic resources, such as ground water for drinking, and set up rain water collection  Support Us 

  • Environmental Care

    We have been instrumental in the clean up of much waste in the Bodhgaya area. We work with local government, monasteries and the community in an effort to reduce some of the toxic waste that gets dumped.

    We are developing a plastic recycling facility to reduce and reuse some of the waste that is created.

    We are also developing facilities to allow us to use the waste plastic to build affordable housing Support Us 

  • Tree Planting

    We run planting programmes with schools, land owners and other community groups

    We have funded the purchase and planting of many trees throughout India, Sikkim and around Bodhgaya where we are based.

    We also forge partnerships with national and international NGOs, businesses and like minds.

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  • Womens Cooperative

    We have helped a number of womens' groups to cooperate and work together towards a common goal. We encourage these groups to form their own social enterprise where appropriate.

    The groups manage their own finances and are encouraged to have their own bank accounts for their financial control and security.

    One group of women have formed their own cooperative enterprise and produce goods for sale to the public.   Support Us

  • Youth Action

    Youth action initiatives help raise awareness and encourage action

    It is the youth of today who will one day become the leaders and decision makers of tomorrow. Lets empower them with the knowledge and understanding to make the right choices and live in harmony with the planet.

    Youth action was a factor in the success of banning disposable plastic from Bodhgaya.

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  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Care
  • Training & Workshops
  • Tree Planting
  • Social Enterprise

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