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Official Plastic Ban


On 1st November 2010, as part of the campaign to raise awareness about the disposable plastic ban in the Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya, Bihar, India. Sacred Earth Trust, faciitated workshops in Jean Amitabh School for Dalit Children on plastic pollution and they made placards displaying the message "WE VOTE NO TO DISPOSABLE PLASTICS".

There were over 200 school children and 200 young monks from Tergar Monastery who participated in the days procession.  

The children are the future......


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Women at the Center

Women are at the centre of the movement ......

The women are at the centre of the domestic and community activities. Since October 2010, their involvement in reducing the plastic pollution on the land has played a major role in mobilising the local communities.


The plastic ban has been participated by many of the Buddhist groups who annually put on events at the Mahabodhi Temple.

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Tree planting in Bodhgaya

Tree planting in Bodhgaya


Another Sacred Earth Trust Initiative to help improve the quality of the environment and local peoples lives.

Becoming 'Guardians' for the tree saplings. 
Community participation at one of the monasteries in Bodh Gaya.

July 2009




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