Meditation students offset their Carbon Emissions 2009-10

A week of awareness raising for Buddhist pilgrims on Carbon emission, through offsetting carbon produced by their plane journies. Many people flock to Bodh Gaya during the winter months from all over the world. The amount of carbon was measured in tonnes, and offset by 12 trees per ton. 

The proceeds through this activity went towards a sacred grove to be planted at the Gaya Airport- HH Karmapa inaugurated the project undertaken by Tergar Monastery, by planting an Ashok tree on the airport site.

The students of Tergar Institute raised a total of 1500+ trees and when the trees become fully grown will be off-setting 120 tonnes of carbon!!

Other funds raised from carbon off-setting will go towards community gardens on other sites around the Bodh Gaya area, specifically focused on planting indigenous species as part of the ’Clean and Green project’.

If you would like to contribute to this project please go to ’GET INVOLVED ’ page on this site to offset your carbon emissions or to make a donation.

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