Since November 2010, many activities have taken place.
As we have been on the ground getting as much out there as possible during this winter season, it has taken till now to get to sit as this computer to update the latest news.

During the beginning of November ......

Environmental experts came from Delhi, England, Ireland, Himachal Pradesh, Hong kong, Bangalore. They ran workshops for local groups on topics: ZERO WASTE, SUSTAINABILITY and the community, Solar power, Recycling.

Since September 2009, The Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee agreed to ban plastic within the temple grounds. SET has been working to raise awareness about this issue and suggestions of alternatives with the general public from local and international visitors. We were working in cooperation with the large Buddhist groups to implement these alternative solutions for a plastic free zone in the Mahabodhi area. The groups that supported us included Kagyu Monlam, Nyingma Monlam, Tipitaka Chanting, Aloka Foundation and many others. Please refer to the womens projects for further details about the activities during this winter 2010.

The disposable plastics we are focusing on reducing are bags, cups and polystyrene plates. We are aiming to reduce plastic pollution this year by working with the BTMC, Buddhist groups, local businesses, village womens groups, hotels, monasteries and education in schools. Since October 2010 we have reduced 50,000 plastic bags on the land of surrounding Bodhgaya.
Environmental Info Table
In December....An information table was set up outside the Mahabodhi Temple gate. Banners describing the carbon, hydro cycles and the cause and effects of pollution. Waste decomposition times and promoting the 4 Rs as a concept for actively engaging with making practical changes to our consumer and daily habits.

This is just the beginning.....

On 25th December 2010, the petition with 7000+ signatures in support of the plastic bag ban in Bodhgaya was presented to Mr Prem Kumar, the Urban Development Minister. The letter of request was made to implement at least a plastic bag free zone to be enforced 1km radius around the Mahabodhi Temple.
Mr Prem Kumar followed up with calling a second meeting with Hoteliers, Monasteries, NGOs and Tourism businesses to also reduce their use of plastic and that he was going to take it up with the higher government in Delhi, for an official ban.

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