4th- 13th February 2011

The SET environmental info table was set up outside Mahabodhi Temple gate to distribute information on 4 R’s, waste decomposition times and carbon offsetting through tree planting.

The Nyingma Monlam Chenmo brought in 10,000+ devotees attending the 11 day event. Most of these people were from the Himalayan regions of Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Ladahk, Arunchal Pradesh, and Tibet. It was mentioned several times by these people that plastic bags is already banned in Ladahk, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and encouragement and support was given to us for the work to implement this plastic bag ban in BodhGaya. 


The place of Buddhas enlightenment could be a lot cleaner than what it is now if every person took a little more care and attention into how they were effecting the environment through their daily lifestyles and consumer habits.

During the 11 day event we approached individuals who were carrying plastic bags to exchange it for a cloth one, of which we provided and at the same time raised awareness about the plastic bag ban within the Mahabodhi Temple complex.

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