Forging Links in Mexico



Sacred Earth Trust worked in collaboration with Cine en el Campo on designing and facilitating Workshops in Mexico Small towns for raising environmental awareness in regards to the issues relative to that area. Two weeks in Baja California Sur engaging communities in Mulege and Guerrero Negro, a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

We focused on mobilzing the students and teachers in schools and women in the community of the small towns. The main topic we explored was WASTE and pollution and the issues and impact it was having in the local areas.




The workshops topics:

Climate change and Global warming

Reducing plastic pollution: 4 Rs as a reference and guide for facilitating change 

Campaign to start segregating waste to be recycled

Water issues: pollution and contamination

Garbage enzyme

Slow sand filter


The workshops often resulted in discussions between the women on how to facilitate change. Teacher training session were effective in setting an awareness program and for encouraging the beginning of the working partnerships between the schools and actual practical action on reducing plastic pollution in the surrounding areas. A competition was set for the students of the three schools to design a poster for their communities on the topics of 4 Rs and the impact of pollution on land, health, water and air. The winning posters of each school would be made into banners to be displayed in their school and surrounding communities.




Links were made between the 3 schools and the local recycling operation with "Mr Recyclado". The recycling company had agreed to sponsor the printing of the winning posters and provide segregation bins for each school to begin and continue their practical action.


Cine En El Campo who had organised the project, filmed the whole process during the two weeks and the footage was edited into two short films, they were screened as part of the touring film festival. The tour went to 50 small towns around Mexico and Baja California Sur areas and showed 9 films on various issues including environmental topics.

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